2022 Gold Book

Gold Books coming with April's Wing World magazine.

This year, Gold Book service directories will be delivered with the April magazine. Some are bundled in clear plastic alongside your magazine. Others are mailed alone. With the pandemic and paper shortages, we have had a difficult time getting this yearly publication to print with our March mag, the month it is usually published.

The Gold Book includes Member names and phone numbers by state and town, along with six codes from “A” to “F” and “T” that designate which service or services, such as tools or tent space available, you will provide to other Members in distress while traveling. The newest service code “T” stands for texting. This code allows other GWRRA Members to know that they can text to your phone number.

Remember also that there is a Gold Book app available to Members. Download it from the Google Play Store or iTunes store. You can also access the book online at

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New Member

I’m a New Member (Author unknown)
I see you at the meetings, but you never say Hello. You’re busy all the time you’re there with those you already know. I sit amongst the people, yet I’m a lonesome body. The new members are as strange as I, and the old timers pass me by. But darn it, you people asked me in, and you talked of fellowship. You could just step across the room, but you never make the trip. Why can’t you nod and say “Hello,” or stop and shake my hand. Then go and sit among your friends. Now that I understand, I’ll be at your next meeting, perhaps a nice evening spent. Do you think you could introduce yourself? I want to be your friend.