Chuck Grimm

Chuck Grimm

Thursday, 21 October 2021 16:14

Ride to Thompson Falls

On June 19th, 2019, after our GWRRA ID-H Breakfast Gathering, these four Musketeers, Richard, Bert, Lesley and your's truely, decided to go on a ride.  The 1st stop was at the Snake Pit in Kingston for a stretch of the legs.  Richard had taken us on a route that we hadn't gone before and we saw some awesome country.  

After about 10 minutes we were off again.  The next stop would be for lunch and yep, you guessed it.  Sprag Pole Inn, here we come.  They have some of most awesome Fry Sauce.  A wonderful flavor.  Lesley and I had our favorite sandwiches.  I believe it was the Sprag Pole French Dip, with Horse Radish Swiss Cheese.  What a joy to the taste buds.  Richard's BBQ Beef looked awesome and very messy.  Nope, not a drop on his Hi-Vis shirt.  Had that been me, well...  Bert also enjoyed her sandwich.  After spending some time talking with other riders and meeting two of the sweetest little dogs, "Russell" & "Wilson" and boy did they know they were cute.  Mom said that she named them like this to offset her son's two, who were named "Tom" & "Brady."  Good choice mom!!!  Well back on our 3-wheeled steeds we go.  

Next stop is Thompson Falls after a short stretch of the legs at Thompson Pass.  I tried to get a selfie of this group of ours but not a chance.  Couldn't see the screen no matter what.  So, with a little help from two couples that were riding as well from Troy we got the shots.  Thanks guys, who ever you were...  Got fueled up in Thompson Falls and then on our way to "Love Works Tie-Dye" in Ponderay.  

After a short stretch of the legs again at Clark Fork, we were off.  We arrived in Ponderay at "Love Works Tie-Dye." Boy, talk about a trip back in time.  I was looking for the Black Lights and the pictures of Jimmy Hendrix.  Ah, the smell of the Head Shops from back in the day...  

After a couple of items purchased we headed for Ice Cream at Dub's in Sandpoint.  I decided to live dangerously and ordered a MEDIUM swirl in a cup.  I will NEVER do that again.  The cone is about 3" high and there was a good 8 to 10" of Ice Cream above that.  Can you say "Dumb A**?"  

On we went aboard out steeds.  This time we were homeward bound.  We dropped off Richard and Bert in Athol and we go home about an hour later.  So, we started at 7:15AM and got home at 7:30PM, traveled 287 Miles according to Google Maps.  To say we were tired is an understatement.  But we saw some beauiful country that the Good Lord saw fit to put before us.  Was a glorious day to be sure.

Thompson Fall Map